donderdag 21 december 2017

sweetest delight, you are dead

                    dead you are indissolubly whole; your wholeness cannot be dissected

                    dead you have a vitality without death
                    dead you are identified knowledge, with an abundant variety of nuanced expressions
                    dead you sing without sound, but with a recognizable voice

                    vital matter is a nonexplanatory manifestation
                    of the inexplicable mystery
                    in which individual and mass is one
                    in which high and low is one
                    in which animal and human is one
                    in which round and square is one

                    if  i see a center in each point and then encircle this center, i am with you
                    if i wander endlessly through my loneliness without getting lost, i am with you
                    if in the hottest heat my thirst is quenced, i am with you
                    if i cry the tears that keep me cleansed, i am with you
                    when i am with you, i live the full life

                    vital matter is the form of forms
                    vital matter is devoid of duality
                    when you are in me, i am immune to any kind of duality

                    dead you hum the eternal melodies
                    of a known deceased
                    i hear them as silence
                    a silence that is wide
                    a silence that is healing

                    dead you are one with a memory, that stretches back to when the earth was one genetic lump
                    i am, by being connected with you, connected with all that is

                    if i experience you when i enter a familiar space as if i never entered it before
                    i am one with my fate
                    if i feel you in the warmth of the sun
                    i am one with my fate
                    if i experience you when i perform a familiar action as if i never performed it before
                    i am one with my fate

                    being one with my fate
                    is my health, my luxury, my happiness

© mc 2017