maandag 16 december 2013

comments about the full life 4 | birth condition and death condition (natural entity, the entity that is you, your shadow identity, your transit identity and your cultural identity)

This is the fourth post of a series of nine: comments about the full life. On the startpage of the nine posts there is a short introduction to the series. Also there are nine links, 
one to each of the posts, and nine links, one to each of the nine video realizations.

An entity is a cocktail of vitalities - different both in strength and in nature.
The individuality of an entity is separate from the earthly manifestation; the manifestation as earthly organism is one of the many expressions of the entity.

The energy of your birth condition has the eternal characteristic of the natural entity, the entity that is you. 
It is your eternal energy, your you-are-energy, and this is an energy of love, an energy of freedom, an energy of truth.

The energy of your death condition has the temporal characteristic of your shadow identity.
It is your time-bound energy, your earthly shadow energy, and this is an energy of passion, an energy of dramatic action, an energy of illusion.

The interaction of your eternal energy of the birth condition and your time-bound energy of the death condition makes the entity that is you move through life on earth.
By how your eternal energy and your time-bound energy interact, your life is provided with a defining motive.

In the material reality the manifestation of the entity that is you can be perceived as a sequence of expressions of changing temporal characteristics.
This sequence of ever changing temporal characteristics together make up your transit identity.

The transit identity coincides with the role, which the entity that is you got to play on the stage of the worldly circumstances.
And this role is performed by your cultural identity.

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