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comments about the full life 6 | (every life is an alienating experience)

This is the sixth post of a series of nine: comments about the full life. On the startpage of the nine posts there is a short introduction to the series. Also there are nine links, 
one to each of the posts, and nine links, one to each of the nine video realizations.

During life the energy of the birth condition and the energy of the death condition are continuously working upon each other.
The interaction of these two dramatic forces, makes the the entity that is you move through life on earth.

The energy of your birth condition, has the eternal characteristic of the entity that is you.
If the force of the birth condition is dominant, your cultural identity rests in the entity that is you.
When your cultural identity rests in the entity that is you, then the limitation of the time-space continuum falls away.
And your cultural identity has access to all of the timeless spheres of the full life, which extend beyond the boundaries of birth and death.

The energy of your death condition, has the temporal characteristic of your shadow identity.
As soon as the force of the death condition becomes dominant, life becomes alienating for the entity that is you.
The more dominant the death condition, the more the entity that is you is riveted to the time-space continuum, or, the material sphere of the full life.
And by surrendering to your shadow identity your cultural identity has no access to Love, because Love only manifests itself in the material sphere when there is an open channel to the timeless spheres.

The severity of a dramatic trajectory depends on the difference between the eternal characteristic of the birth condition and the time-related characteristic of the death condition.
The greater the difference is, the greater the turbulence within the trajectory.
And the more extreme the turbulence is, the more extreme the alienating experience of it for the entity that is you.

But the alienating experience of life, has meaning for the entity that is you, 
as long as there is insight (and again and again insight) into the role, which the entity that is you got to play on the stage of the world, 
and when your cultural identity has made the necessary arrangements, so that you are able to follow your own specific rhythm of surrender to the one pole and surrender to the other pole.

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