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TO BE KNOWN BY AN ANIMAL s t a r t p a g e

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TO BE KNOWN BY AN ANIMAL is a blog about my relationship with Nina Cara Colette, a dog who I first met in january 1994, when she was three weeks old, and who came to live by my side from february 1994 until june 2002, when she died. According to the Tzolkin Calender she was born as
KIN 30 (White Self-existing Dog) and she died as KIN 260 (Yellow Cosmic Sun).

On this startpage you can find the links to the different posts, that are on the blog.

comments about the full life
a post of eleven short chapters. Except for the formulations, there is nothing in these comments that is of my own making. For the content I have relied on my dialogue with Nina Cara Colette and on my dialogue with the Universe. This latter dialogue happened through NCC; she picking up and amplifying the right wavelenghts. That is, right for me, to experience, and make sense of, the messages that were transmitted. What is in this post of eleven chapters is the result of both these dialogues. They started in 1999, when NCC was still alive, and continued until 2007, after she had been dead for five years.
Ten years later, in 2017, I refined the formulations here and there, taking into account the experiences of those ten years. The dialogue with NCC has never ceased and she continues to surprise me with her delightful vitality.

the animal and i,
a series of three rather long posts about the communication between Nina Cara Colette and me. the animal and i (june 7, 2014) I prepared to commemorate the day that she has been dead for twelve years. For this post I selected some autobiographical notes from a series I took in 2001/2002, when she was still alive. I focused on the notes on the communication between NCC and me. the animal and i (diary of the beloved death 1) is a post of notes that were written during the first nine years after she died (2002/2011). These notes are on finding out whether I can come to a description of the state of being dead and on the process of getting familiar with interdimensional communication. the animal and i 
(diary of the beloved death 2) is also a post of notes that I took from 2002 to 2011. These notes focus on the process of finding out what the communication with NCC does (and did) for my life.

the love who is my love is my love,
a series of three posts of poetry. the love who is my love is my love 1, a rather long post, was written in december 2005, to celebrate the 12th birthday of Nina Cara Colette. the love who is my love is my love 2, also rather long, was written a year later, in december 2006, to celebrate her 13th birthday. And the love who is my love 3 / the love who is my love is my guide, a very long post about the nature of love, was written in 2013.

sweetest delight, you are dead,
a series of eight short posts about the physics of a beloved dead and of the communication - and the joy of communication - with a beloved dead. Written in the 2017, when Nina Cara Colette had been dead for fifteen years.

love to all
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