dinsdag 1 juli 2014

Account Of A Voyage 2000

Animal nature exists here, unearthly animal natures.

Also there are natural phenomena.
There are dust storms of beyond measurable speed, resulting in a vortex.
And there are sound discharges, starting abruptly ending abruptly,
of a changing volume, swelling, ebbing away, resounding and infinitely rich in tones, sometimes short sometimes prolonged.
And there are fragrance waves, that are flowerish.
And there are light flames, also starting abruptly ending abruptly, sometimes short sometimes prolonged, and of unparalleled clarity.

Here it is never dark and color exists independent of light.

It is a horizontal plateau here.
The bottom is a membrane through which must be broken through and this is possible from both sides; there is arriving and there is departing.
The membrane is resilient and recovers fast after a breakthrough.
Above the membrane, about fifty meters above it, is an undulating ceiling, invisible, and beyond which is the nothing.
The plateau itself is infinite in length and in width and all over the plateau the conditions are the same.

There is permanent movement.
Here I abide where there are no centers, one all embracing vibration, ever changing.

From the outside does not exist here; it is wholy inside.
And wholy means everyone, and everyone means all, and all means it, and it means what it is.

There is no acclimatization; if one arrives one is here.

If one abides here, as energy one is part of vital matter.
There only is pure matter.

Because there is no time here, there is no progress and no decline.
All energy is energy, and as such equal.
No two energies are the same when it comes to form and content, but there is no hierarchy.

Arriving through the membrane in this sphere is nothing but an organic occurrence,
just as going the opposite direction is an organic occurrence.

Terrestrial existance is the domain of life and life exists by the grace of this sphere.
This sphere is the true domain of vital matter.

Life is a picnic, an amusement, an excursion, a little adventure.
And the one energy has an outing as rose, and the next energy has an outing as human being, and the next energy has an outing as cow,
and the next energy has an outing as eel, and the next energy has an outing as turtle.
And the one rose grows in a greenhouse, and the next rose in a garden, and the next in a desert,
and the one human sleeps on the earth, and the next one between sheets, and the next in a hammock.

Birth attracts and repels and Death attracts and repels,
because for the one who witnesses them, these passages through the membrane effectuate a reconnection with the most naked vitality.

It is a sphere one can not fend off.
Being in this sphere is being in a sphere that changes and changes and changes.

The transformations here are like a natural phenomenon, without waste,
an ongoing transformation of each energy, from simple construction to complex construction
to simple construction to complex construction to simple construction, and so on.
No two constructions are the same ever, not in form not in color.

Here it is never dark and color exists independent of light.

It is the construction that meets the conditions of passage, that departs from this sphere through the membrane
and has its terrestrial excursion in whatever terrestrial form.

Only during this terrestrial excursion the identification with the phenomenon of differention arises.
And the more entangled in the phenomenon of differention the more entangled in life.
Here there is no natural support for any concept that originates from the phenomenon of differention
(such as justness, growth other than biological, moral superiority, and so on).

The plateau is located at the utmost edge of the phenomena.
It is a reality that is no illusion.
Nice, for those who are not fond of illusions.

love to all
© mc 2002-2014

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